Chop Point

Cabin Life

Campers sleep in cabins with eight or nine other campers of similar age and two counselors. The cabins are rustic but comfortable. The girls' cabins all have a large closet and drawer space, two sinks, a toilet and a shower. Three of the boys' cabins share a latrine with plenty of sinks and toilets and two showers. They also have a number of other bathrooms available to them. The oldest boys' cabin has bathrooms with showers and sinks. All cabins are equipped with comfortable bunk beds.

Campers are responsible for keeping their own cabins clean, taking a turn at waiter duty, and sharing the upkeep of the common area. On a typical night, campers return to their cabins at 9pm to spend time with their cabin-mates before lights-out at 10pm. A weekly laundry service is provided. Friends of similar age who come to camp together may request to be placed in the same cabin. Due to space limitations however, we may not be able to accommodate all such requests. Foreign camper enrollment is limited, so that no more than two campers from the same foreign country are in one cabin.

Breakfast is usually served at 8:00 AM. Lunch is at 1:00 PM and dinner is enjoyed at 6:00 PM. Breakfast usually includes juice and fresh fruit. Bacon and eggs are served a couple of times each week.Hot waffles go right from the waffle iron to your plate. Pancakes and french toast are popular, as are homemade sweet breads, muffins, and donuts. Cereal (hot and cold) is always available. Every other Sunday breakfast is served to order.

Freshly made tossed salads are served at lunch and dinner with a variety of dressings and condiments. Sandwiches and homemade soups are frequently offered. Milk, water, iced tea, juice, hot tea, and coffee are available at all meals. The weekly menu typically includes BBQ chicken, roast beef, hamburgers, roast turkey, or ham. On alternate weeks, a combination seafood plate of haddock, fried clams, and shrimp is served. (Steak is available for those who don't enjoy seafood.) Our cooks bake our own rolls, cookies, bread, and cakes. Other desserts include fresh fruit, homemade ice cream, and "make your own" sundaes.